• Running ElasticSearch on 32-bit Linux machine

    I have an old piece of hardware with Atom D2700 CPU, which according to ARK is capable of running x64 OS. Vendor, however, never released a BIOS with x64 support, and I was unable to find it on an Internet.

    Aside this sad fact, that small PC have decent specs, including 4 gigs of RAM, which makes it a good candidate for a single-node ElasticSearch cluster. I have to collect logs from my Kubernetes cluster somewhere, right?

    Unfortunately, Elastic dropped an official i586 support long time ago, which totally makes sense from commercial perspective.

    Well, thanks to Debian and Java we still can run ElasticSearch on top of 32-bit Linux!

    This tutorial is written for ElasticSearch OSS v7.5.1, and might not work for newer versions, as source code might change!